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Soya pork chops

Sante soya products – Soya pork chops and Minutki are produced from high-quality, defatted soya flour, which is not genetically modified, and which comes from certified suppliers. They are 100% vegetable, natural products – during the production process no chemical additives are used; the only one added is water. Their final shape is a result of an extrusion process during which they are high pressure treated. Soya pork chops and Minutki are tasty, rich in vitamins and precious vegetable protein - an excellent substitute for animal protein. What’s more, our soya chops let you stay in shape.
Sante soya chops make an ideal dish for vegetarians, people with lactose or gluten intolerance, as well as health-conscious consumers.

There are about 18-20 single chops in a packet - enough for 4-5 people dinner.
Sante soya chops are easy to prepare – they do not require cooking; it’s enough to soak them for about 4 mins (Minutki) or 10 mins (pork chops) in a hot vegetable stock. Enjoy them with your favourite sauce, barely, rice, potatoes and salads.


Kotlety Sojowe „a’la schabowe”: 100g
Number of items in a packet: 20 or 6
Kotlety Sojowe Minutki: 100g
Number of items in a packet: 20 or 6